12 Tips for Creating a Successful B2b Email Campaign

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12 Tips for Creating a Successful B2b Email Campaign

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B2b emailing is frequently accused of belonging to a bygone era , prematurely retired by social networks and blogging. But this perception is wrong. Admittedly, blogs and social media are key elements of any good inbound marketing strategy. However, email is not dead, and it suffices to be convinced of this to recall this too often overlooked statistic: a btob emailing campaign remains nearly 40 times more effective than facebook or twitter in converting new leads. . Indeed, email represents a direct form of contact with your customers and prospects. Provided you know how to make a successful b2b emailing campaign, your company can reap substantial benefits. The purpose of this article is therefore to provide you with the 12 keys to answer.

Your question on how to write an effective b2b commercial email . Campagne_emailing_b2b 1 – consider your customers as people, not as “just” email addresses as the b2b emailing market is increasingly overloaded, the very nature of the concept must evolve. Indeed, the number of unread emails has jumped Whatsapp phone number list by almost 300% in just 4 years. Under these conditions, your main challenge lies in the differentiation of your approach , which will have to prevent your emails from ending up in the “graveyard” of the “promotions” tab of gmail – or the equivalent for other mailboxes. According to our experience, a trend has been emerging for several years now, that of the personalization of emails.


And the construction of a real long-term relationship , with customers perceived as individuals. Gathering data is of course important, but the leads you want to convert wouldn't like to be just numbers on an excel file. 2 – choose the right email marketing software a more common error than you might think is sending mass emails from an outlook account. Indeed, if you are wondering how to make an effective btob emailing campaign, you should use appropriate software. Among the saas software specialized in sending b2b emailing campaigns, we can mention companies such as the services offered by pure360 , infusionsoft . Moreover, there is also the small french mailjet which has a very good reputation on the market because its service for sending emailing campaigns has excellent deliverability.