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This time the study Spain email list has

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Helped us Spain email list to take stock of the Spain email list Marketing activities of companies and the evolution of results and market trends in the 20-year history of the MailUp platform. For this special year, we have analyzed: the main Email Marketing metrics in a global vision of 2021 distribution of shipm throughout the year the results obtained by DEM, newsletters and transactional emails in all sectors the evolution of the 50 product sectors of our customer base e-commerce performance In addition, a specific focus on thimpacts of Apple's Privacy Protection could not be missing, which has certainly represented an important event for the world of Spain email list Marketing. Let's analyze the main conclusions of this report, which you can download for free at this link . Spain email list Marketing: A Comparison Between 2021 and 2020 The global comparison between 2021 and 2020 shows two first positive trends: an increase in shipping volumes from 14 billion in 2020 to 15 billion in 2021

A delivery rate that has reached 99%, a result that demonstrates the work done by MailUp to guarantee security standards and excellent performance Looking at Spain email list Marketing metrics (i.e. opens, clicks, and clicks on opens), there was a predictable increase in unique open rates (+1.2 percentage points), due in part to non-actual opens introduced by Apple updates (as we anticipated in our focus on the Apple phenomenon On the other hand, there was a slight decrease in click-through and click-to-open rates (-0.1 and -1.9 percentage points, respectively) , probably due to the increase in messages in recipients' inboxes already the greatest difficulty in capturing the user's attention. How to interpret the results of Spain email list Marketing 2021:

Key insights The Statistical Observatory 2022 was not limited to a global vision of 2021 and a comparison with 2020. From the performance of email sendings by type of message and sector, to the distribution of messages throughout the 12 months of the year , to the performance of the Spain email list product and e-commerce sectors: the evidence collected has been many, but we can summarize it in 3 key ideas: The Spain email list Marketing phenomenon can no longer be considered the result of a need related to the COVID-19 emergency. Spain email list is a continuously growing channel and is now a fundamental tool for companies'