How to Improve Your Growth Strategy on Instagram

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How to Improve Your Growth Strategy on Instagram

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Did you know that Instagram has over a billion active users each month? And 90% of users follow at least one business Instagram profile. Isn't that great? For a marketer looking to promote their products or services, Instagram opens up a lot of new possibilities. It can be a great platform to find new Instagram followers, engage with them and increase sales. But not everything is rosy. Do you know how to attract more people to your Instagram account? How do you get people to engage with you on Instagram? Many marketers struggle with these questions. In this article, we discuss some tried and tested Instagram account growth strategies. How can you reinvigorate your growth strategy on Instagram? Many brands use black hat tactics for Instagram growth.

For example they buy Instagram followers to inflate the number of followers on their Instagram bio. Sure, it's the easy way. However, the growth is not real. In fact, it is a strategy with a lack of vision. In the long run, it does nothing to drive engagement or sales. If you want to make sure you keep growing on Instagram, you Whatsapp Mobile Number List to get creative. From the strategic use of hashtags to running contests, there are many things you can do to attract more people to your Instagram account. Here are some of the best Instagram growth strategies you can try to increase your online presence. Use relevant hashtags Hashtags can help people discover your content. Used correctly, hashtags can also help you expand the reach of your content and get more engagement.


This is why you need to use hashtags strategically. Tools like HashtagsForLikes can help you find Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your audience. This tool also helps you find out what hashtags your competitors are using and the type of engagement they are getting. Having this information can help you know what your target customers are talking about. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post. However, that doesn't mean you should use as many in each post. Going overboard with hashtags can make your Instagram profile look spammy and can even affect your engagement rate. According to a study, the engagement rate decreased when the number of hashtags used increased. Image via Mention That's why it's a good idea to use 3-4 relevant hashtags in your posts.