How to use Yoast and any other SEO plugin the right way

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How to use Yoast and any other SEO plugin the right way

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One of the most popular SEO plugins is Yoast. This plugin is largely responsible for optimizing the content of many people and alerting to some mistakes that many did not even know that could harm the rankings of their sites . Most people use the plugin precisely for this usability, to present the main On Page optimizations within each blog post. However, I have noticed some common doubts and misconceptions that arise regarding those little red and orange circles that represent errors in your post.

Can I only post when all the dots are green Will Yoast penalize me if I do X or Y I need to increase my keyword density ! Well that's why I decided to write this post. Let's clarify once and for all what you really need to worry about with Yoast flags and how you should use it. I know Yoast Consumer Email List has a lot of other features, if you want to read about the tool as a whole and get technical and installation questions, check out the Yoast Complete Guide ! If you use any other plugin to check your On Page optimizations, the principles will be the same. I'll use Yoast as a base because it's the most popular.


So let's go! Understanding Yoast The first information that I think is essential for you to understand is that Yoast does not punish anyone and will not do anything to reduce your posts. I've already come across doubts like “if I do X, will Yoast harm me?”, so I think this clarification is essential. So what does Yoast do? Well, he will be a kind of arbiter of your content . Yoast will, in a way, simulate Google's crawlers and evaluate various On Page questions that it knows can influence the search engine to like or not like your text. And he will advise you on the points he thinks you can improve.