Learn what Black Hat SEO is and how it harms your company's website

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Learn what Black Hat SEO is and how it harms your company's website

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When it comes to Black Hat SEO we immediately think of searches in search engines like Google that are part of the routine of those who browse the web. If a person knows how to use a browser, he is almost certainly familiar with these sites. Appearing among the top positions on the results page (SERP) of these queries is an excellent way to bring greater visibility to companies. Faced with this opportunity, SEO , which is the optimization of pages for search engines , stands out as one of the fundamental measures of a Digital Marketing strategy .

When dedicating your efforts in this direction it is necessary to know that search engines have guidelines to avoid certain opportunistic practices to influence the positioning of pages: the so-called Black Hat SEO . Read on to learn more about these techniques and understand why it's Consumer Email List important to avoid them! READ ALSO Is there a problem with the site's security certificate? Learn how to solve How to make my WordPress site appear on Google? Find out in 8 steps Create a blog for your business for free using Stage What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO is the devious side of website optimization techniques, which seek to use loopholes in the search engine algorithm to force more interesting placements.


It turns out that these actions only focus on manipulating the search engine to achieve better results, ignoring user satisfaction. In the years when Google was still gaining notoriety, these methods might even work. Using them nowadays, however, will certainly have negative consequences for your website, as we will see below. How can Black Hat SEO hurt your website? If we use Google's quality guidelines as a basis, it is clear that violating these guidelines could result in manual action . Manual action occurs when Google's suspicions of a site grow, prompting a reviewer to review it.