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Target Your Competitors Clients

Publicada: 16 Out 2022, 16:43
por rakib909
We have all read that one blog that you wish they would just explain to you or discuss the topic like having a conversation. This type of writing is very difficult to read and stay interested in. If you write like you are having a conversation, it is much more engaging and will get the same point across. The only difference in the outcome is your readers will actually get to the end of your article. Get Scrolling: Social Media Typically speaking, social media has always been controversial when it comes to B2B companies. But the truth is, social media is a great source of leads if you know where to look. Looking into online communities on social media platforms in order to target your audience can be a lead-rich avenue. More often than not, these groups forbid posting solely promotional content, so take a look at the rules and guidelines beforehand.

Also, having an online presence on social media can never hurt. Most people (myself included) will look at companies’ social media presence when looking at new tools, software, or business, just to see if they are relevant and up to date. It can put you off a company if they only have four posts on their social media, and B2B Phone Number Database the last one was from 2017. Renovate Your Website Pushing traffic to your site is all good and well, but only if you have a site that is operational and optimized. This is one of the best ways to either turn a visitor into a customer or turn them off indefinitely. While having a typo here or there may not be enough to have them running for the hills, having a poorly optimized website or a slow loading website will. I’m sure we have all clicked on that one site, and the moment you saw the page taking too long to load, you left and probably didn’t go back. This can be an absolute deal-breaker.

In a world that is all about speed and how fast we can consume information, you can’t afford to be lagging behind. One way to gain a bit more insight into how your site is performing and potential ways to speed this up is through the Google PageSpeed Insights. This will allow you to see the good areas on your site and the areas you need to improve. One of the best ways to do this is through your competitor’s bad reviews. What better way to gain a lead then to find someone who doesn’t/didn’t like your competitor and show them why you are better. The best way to do this is to go on review sites such as G2 and Capterra and find your competitors. Then go through their reviews but focus on the bad reviews. Typically the individual leaving these reviews will give their name, position, company, and sometimes just used their LinkedIn account to create their G2 or Capterra account. This makes it extremely easy to find them and target them with a campaign or personal reach out.