Free to be a digital nomad our review of Fabrice Dubesset's new book

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Free to be a digital nomad our review of Fabrice Dubesset's new book

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Do you want to change your lifestyle work abroad and or travel but you don't know how to go about making this change Do you want to learn a new language and live in a country where your target language is spoken to immerse yourself in it? This is what Fabrice Dubesset offers you in his book Libre d'être digital nomad . Free to be digital nomad, Fabrice Dubesset Our opinion on the book Free to be digital nomad, by Fabrice Dubesset Digital nomad, késako? Who is he talking to ? What is it about ? Our opinion Where to find the book Free to be digital nomad.

Our opinion on the book Free to be digital nomad by Fabrice Dubesset Today we are going to tell you about a book that is a little different from our usual subject but which can be complementary to learning a language: Free to be digital nomad . Indeed, to travel, it is Country Email List necessary to know at least English, an international language, or even Spanish and Portuguese. Of course, the best is to learn the language of the country you are going to. This will help you better understand the culture in which you are immersing yourself. The author of the book, Fabrice Dubesset, has a good command of the subject because he has been living and working abroad in a nomadic style since 2011.


And indeed Fabrice had met our co founder Samuel in Colombia and little by little he became a friend of Samuel Luca our other co-founder and a longtime partner of MosaLingua. For example, we have collaborated in the past to include in MosaLingua Premium dialogues that have Fabrice and his travels as the protagonist. We find the subject of digital nomadism very exciting and a large part of our team works remotely and tries to travel and work at the same time. Digital nomad , késako? First of all, what is a digital nomad and what does it have to do with language learning? A digital nomad, in French, is a person who has decided to revolutionize his daily life.